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Learn how to develop your technology idea while collaborating with other female tech founders in fields such as FinTech, Healthcare, AI, eCommerce and more!

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Our proven system helps you start today.
Use our 6-step proven system to build our your tech solution.
Launch your software MVP 3x faster.
Receive 1:1 product support for 6 months
We bridge the gap between founder and development.
Our transparent process brings answers to founders when creating a software MVP so you can make decisions with clarity for your business.
Product Roadmap
Mission Statement
User Experience Journeys
Idea Factory
Customer Surveys & Interviews
Market & UX Analysis
Idea Customer Profiles
Brand Identity
Core Values
We've got you covered. Start to finish.
The only accelerator that walks you through every step of your MVP.
No prior tech experience needed to succeed!
Mission & Values
Know your why and stick to it.
Customer Discovery
Obsess over your customers.
User Experience
Craft world-class experiences.
Competitors & Research
Define the landscape.
Product & Roadmap
Prioritize needs over wants.
Brand & User Interface
Test before you build.
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Our process has been used with top tier companies...
We’re giving you the tools, and so much more:
We accelerate your product development by offering an entire ecosystem to support your journey:
• A framework to guide you through the process of building from scratch
• 1:1 Coaching with a product expert for tailored guidance
• Access to Lab Partners with knowledge across many domains
• Monthly events hand-picked to propel you forward
• Community of 60 non-technical female founders building tech
• Launch your software MVP to customers in less than 6 months
Let's bring your idea to life:
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Join 60+ women building technology.
Our founders are building products in SaaS, eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence and so much more!
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Case Study
Transforming Sam's Marketing and SEO Consulting Business
Sam joined PDS Lab with the goal of transforming her marketing and SEO consulting business into a scalable solution.
Goals and Milestones:
Before starting the program, Sam outlined several key goals to achieve by the end of the 8-week program:
Optimize client efficiency
Automate marketing systems
Build a new website
Create a new pricing strategy
With an existing client pool to gather feedback, Sam synthesized her data and developed her system in just six weeks. Leveraging our team's expertise, she successfully navigated the technical complexities behind the scenes.
By the end of the program, Sam had not only met but exceeded her initial goals. Her newly optimized and automated marketing systems significantly improved client efficiency, while her revamped website and pricing strategy positioned her business for accelerated growth. With a scalable solution in place, Sam is now able to expand her offerings and increase her market impact.
Case Study
Bringing Heather's AI-Driven Software Solution to Life
Heather came to PDS Lab to build software that would complement her hardware solution. She had been working on her product for years and was ready to take her business to the next level. She needed support in developing a software solution using AI that would integrate seamlessly with her hardware component.
Goals and Milestones:
Building the customer journey
Getting in front of investors
Understanding the data points
Scoping the development cost
Heather completed the program and secured investor meetings almost immediately. She built confidence throughout the process, gained clarity on executing her solution, and articulated her value proposition effectively. With a solid product development plan, Heather is now well-positioned to bring her innovative solution to market.
Keep your equity and save time and money in the process!
Don't spend a fortune on someone else doing it for you.
Become your own product expert.
PDS Framework
Private Slack Support
Templates & Exercises
Digital Education
Founder Events
Founder Community
Startup Mentors
1:1 Strategic Meetings
Product Expert
The program is structured over a six-month period, with a total cost of $4,995, payable in monthly installments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer flexible payments for the program?

Yes! We have a variety of options to support founders:

• 6 monthly payments of $832.50
• 12 monthly payments of $450.82 with 15% interest
• 36 monthly payments of $173.13 with 15% interest

What is the time commitment to complete the program?

The program is done at your own pace but expect between roughly 10 hours of work per week in order to achieve MVP status by the end of the program.

How much time do I have with the PDS Lab team for support through the program?

The program is structured in a 6 month time frame where you'll receive support from us each week throughout via a private Slack channel and 1 strategy meeting per week.

Would the program be helpful for me if I have some work already completed?

Yes! We support founders with a comprehensive support system starting from your mission and ending with your prototype. Even if you have some of the work done, we will challenge you to use our system ensuring the data matches your result.

What type of events do you have for founders?

We offer events to our members that are focused on relevant needs to the community. Some of the events we've held include: pitch deck feedback, entrepreneurial mindset, founder fridays with exceptional founders, customer discovery workshops, investor relations, and so many others. We provide a well rounded experience outside of just product!

Will I have an MVP by the end of the program?

Yes! We expect our founders to have an MVP by the end of the program whether that through no code tools or a development team.

Does PDS Lab have a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a happiness guarantee. If you are not pleased after the 8 weeks and have attended each weekly strategic meeting and completed the program in its entirety then we will refund you 100%!

What makes PDS Lab's accelerator different?

At PDS Lab, we're changing how founders and accelerators work together. Our mission is to help women access opportunities without giving up their ideas or ownership in their businesses. We believe in teaching tech skills through practical, step-by-step methods to support sustainable business growth.

Can my employer help pay for this course?

Yes! If you want to complete this program for your professional development, you may receive full or partial reimbursement from your employer. For more details contact your employer on how to receive reimbursement. We'll be happy to work with you!

Do students receive a discount for the program?

Yes! Students are the future and we currently offer a 25% discount on our programs to students with an active .edu email address.

Do you accept speakers or partnerships for your events and community?

We absolutely do! All of our speaking opportunities are currently on a volunteer basis. If you believe you can bring value to our members, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at partners@pds-lab.com and share why you'd be a great fit to speak to our members.

Can you support me if I have a hardware solution or CPG company?

Our bread and butter is software. Our program is a foundation system that can be applied to many businesses, but we do not specialize in hardware or CPG, specifically.

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